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What We Offer

At Benka Digital, we specialize in 3D Virtual Tour solutions for every industry. We also deliver beautiful and responsive websites and create effective Digital Media for your Social Media marketing campaigns.

Benka Digital can handle all of your technology needs for any project. Our services overlap and compliment each other which allow us to better serve our clients. See if our areas of expertise below can help your business.


Benka Digital is a provider of technology that produces digital immersive 3D spaces. Experience Virtual Tours online from any computer or mobile device. The interactive 3D models allow you instant access to any environment and allows you to explore the space as if you were right there. 3D Virtual Tours are leading edge technology that will change your industry or business.


Meeting all of your web development needs including graphic design, hosting, domain registration, email, search engine optimization, content management systems, databases, content creation, photography & video, programming and marketing. Benka Digital has over 15 years experience designing and programming websites for individuals and businesses. No project is too big or small.


Being on social media and having an online marketing strategy is almost a must for businesses in today’s digital age. Social media is a powerful medium that has the power to reach an unbelievable number of people that conventional marketing can’t match. Benka Digital can help develop an effective strategy and can produce unique digital media solutions for any social platform.


Benka Digital has done its fair share of video production and editing over the years. We have the experience to produce large multi-cam video productions (ie. dance recital) or capture smaller events (ie. birthday celebrations, family gatherings & social events).


Benka Digital can provide Consulting and Support services for every area of your IT infrastructure. We work closely with our clients to provide the following services: Technical & Network Support, System Software Support, Computer Purchasing & Management, General Maintenance & Repairs, Data Management, and many other Technical duties as required.